DPI & Medical Device

DPI & Medical Device

Maipek has carefully selected new gowns that can best protect the user in the context in which they are worn.

PPE certificate cat.III
PPE multi-size surgical gowns cat.III
Medical Device surgical gowns
Visitors’ gowns DPI & Medical Device
PPE suits


DPI & Medical Device Camici e tute monouso sterili

Disposable surgical gowns are an important tool in the world of medical procedures. With gowns, patients and healthcare staff are protected during consultations or operations.


- mechanical barrier;
- hypoallergenic;
- does not release hairiness;
- absence of residues after thermal destruction;
- compatible with disinfectant drugs and / or surgical instruments in general;
- no change in color over time and exposure to light;
- anti-reflective and stable coloring;
- non-toxicity of all materials used for the production of the product;
- absence of odors;
- antistatic.

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