Surgical Procedure

Surgical Procedure

Accessories for the surgical procedure

The implantological device Myth® is set up with complete surgical instruments, respecting current protocol standards. The accessories for the surgical procedure are made of high quality materials (medical steel 17-4 ph hardened and elettropolished) and ensure precision and reliability.


Cutter Particular of the groove

Cutters are coated with a DLC Diamond Like Carbon treatment

Cutters are coated with a DLC Diamond Like Carbon treatment, an innovative coating made of carbon with a broad spectrum of application and that allows to face problems linked to abrasion, scrolling and chemical aggression. The DLC is deposited thanks to the PACVD (Plasma Assisted-Chemical Vapor Deposition) technology that allows to keep the storage temperature low and,at the same time, to ensure an excellent adhesion. The high hardness arises from the simultaneous presence of hybridized carbon sp2 (graphite) and sp3 (diamond).

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