DPI & Medical Device

Maipek has carefully selected new gowns that can best protect the user in the context in which they are worn. PPE certificate cat.III PPE multi-size surgical gowns cat.III Medical Device surgical gowns Visitors’ gowns DPI & Medical Device PPE suits

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Derma Clean Plus®

The right-hand mitt is provided with a sponge pre-impregnated with dehydrated soap that is activated at contact with water, creating a delicate lather. Soap has an ISOCUTANE PH 5.5 (PH NEUTRAL) and a hygroscopic power thanks to 0.3% CHLOREXEXINE DIGLUCONATE. Also thanks to the extracts of oats and natural ALOEA have a good emollient action. 1) Insert the mitt with the pre-soaked green sponge. 2) Moisten the sponge with very little water to make the detergent active and you will have plenty of lather. (To wash bedridden patients, it is recommended to use a physiological solution) 3) Wash with the…

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